A mysterious fantasy adventure
for pre-teen and middle school kids!

Life as an orphan is not what Jayne expected. A psychic foster mom, a ghost-witch next door, talking animals, a ninja-spy social worker, fairies, ogres, gnomes, and her own brand-new magic powers to top it off… For Jayne, the chaos doesn’t end there, and she’s not so sure she’s cut out for this hero stuff...

The Author and The Illustrator: Book 1

Paperback (Also available in ebook and hardcover)


Book Blurb
Thirteen-year-old Jayne grew up with her loving mom and dad in downtown Portland, Oregon. She liked books and movies, and hanging out with her best friend. At school, she stayed camouflaged in the background—careful not to attract the attention of bullies. Life was good and safe.
But her very ordinary, plain life changes when her parents are hit in a tragic bicycling accident. She barely has time to breathe before she is whisked away to live with a misfit crew of orphans and a seemingly psychic foster mom. As if her new home wasn’t odd enough, the neighborhood turns out to be even weirder. It’s here she encounters talking animals, a ghost-witch, and a secret that connects Jayne to all of it.
In search of answers, Jayne and two unlikely friends embark on a journey where she discovers she possesses a strange power. But fearful of those who would force her to use her gift for evil, Jayne must keep her magic hidden.

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From IndieReader.com: “THE AUTHOR AND THE ILLUSTRATOR will ensnare readers who enjoyed The Chronicles of Narnia, His Dark Materials, and The Secret Garden for its immersive world-building, strong heroine, and beautiful magic. Readers will be eagerly awaiting the next installment in this fantastical series. What an adventure!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “If you grew up enjoying stories like The Chronicles of Narnia, Anne of Green Gables, or the Harry Potter series; or if you enjoy evil-ish villains like Cruella Devil, you are in for another treat. Ms. Randolph creates a fantasy world that I would love to visit, as well as characters I would enjoy meeting. The story has a good pace that keeps the reader engaged and wondering what’s going to happen next. It’s a great story for the young and young-at-heart… I look forward to her next book in the series.”
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